Ibizan Hounds &
Toy Manchester Terriers

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(Bred by and/or Owned by Dugualla Ibizan Hounds & Toy Manchester Terriers)
14 AKC Champions
5 AKC Grand Champions
2 AKC Group Winners
4 AKC Group Placement Winners
2 NOHS Reserve BIS Winners
2 NOHS Group Winners
2 NOHS Group Placement Winners
2 Best in Field Winners
1 BCAT (Fast CAT)

About Us

We strive to produce dogs that not only excel in the show ring and canine sports, but also as family members in a household. We aim to create well-rounded canines in temperament, behavior and health. We consider health and overall structure as a very important part of our breeding program. All our dogs are appropriately health tested with passing results before we consider adding them to our program. The dogs are given ample exercise, as active dogs need! They are able to free run in our large yard and join us inside for nap time and meal time. Their diet consists of raw food and quality kibble. Our dogs are true members of our family.

Our History

 The name "Dugualla" (Dew-Guah-la) comes from our tiny home, right along Dugualla Bay, where our breeding program all started. We have since re-located to a larger property but still reside close to Dugualla Bay & Dugualla State Park. 

Jessica has been involved with dog sports and conformation since childhood. Starting off as a Junior Handler with a Whippet. She quickly became involved with Ibizan Hounds and acquired her first Ibizan in 2006, "Rosa" (CH Distinction's Roses Are Red). Shortly after moving from California to Washington state, Jessica met Mike. Since then, both have been dedicated in conformation dog shows, canine sports and developing an Ibizan Hound breeding program. Jessica & Mike added their first Toy Manchester Terrier in 2014, "Mac" GCHG Spirits Cowboy Casanova, and thus kicked off their Toy Manchester Terrier breeding program.



Whidbey Island, WA, United States